Scenarios in Todobit is a unique technology that allows you to create programmable goal templates with tasks/notes/schedules and share them in our Catalog or by direct link.

What are Scenarios?

The scope of scenarios is limitless and they can be in demand in almost any area of human and business life.

For example, you are a fitness trainer and you have developed a set of exercises to "work out" certain body parts for your clients.
Now you can create a scenario with a set of exercises in the form of goals and tasks and publish it in the Catalog. Once published, your customers will be able to download the scenarios they want to do to their Todobit app on their phone and exercise based on your scenarios.

Or for example, you're a top-notch survival instructor.
You could create a scenario with a list of tasks about what you need to take with you on a nature hike. Now, once you publish a scenario in the Catalog, any user who plans a nature hike will be able to "download" your finished list into their app and get ready with it instead of wasting time searching for and thinking through the list of things they need.

How do I publish a scenario?

How to use your scenario?

If you still have questions about creating and publishing a scenario in the catalog, you can ask them in our group telegram @todobit or email us at