Todobit - everyday personal goals and tasks organizer

Determine goals and reach them

If the goal has no tasks, then it’s just a dream. A dream without movement is unattainable!

In Todobit, you can create as many goals as you need. And when there are many goals, you can easily group them into categories.

A goal in Todobit will always show you its current state:

  • How many tasks are solved and how many are left.
  • How much money and time is needed to solve it, and how much has already been spent.
  • The visual progress of its achievement.
  • Color, timing and more.

But the most important thing is the simplicity and universality of the goal.

In Todobit, a goal can be a list (folder) for unsorted tasks or even a notepad for specific notes, or both.

Together with Todobit your goals will be achievable!

To Do List and Goal planner for Android

Fill goals with a task list

A properly formulated task is 50% of its solution. A goal filled with tasks is already a plan for its implementation and a significant step towards achieving it!

Todobit has a large selection of different tasks: notes, tasks with deadline and without deadlines, tasks with auto completion or auto transfer to another day, recurring tasks - schedules and many other customizable tasks.

Creating tasks in Todobit is easy. After all, this process is most thought out for any situation.

You can add a task to the selected target. You can add several tasks at once on a specific day in the calendar, and then scatter them for specific purposes. You can add a note, and then specify its due date, and it will become a task. And all this can be done both with one task/note, and with several at once, having previously selected them.

And also, perform, delete, set or cancel the deadline and much more.

Calendar planner

Plan your calendar

The solution to any problem takes time. When there are a lot of tasks - planning is necessary!

Todobit's case planner is so flexible that almost everything can!

The application takes into account all the stages of planning - from idea to task at the appointed time.

In Todobit, you can schedule a business for a specific day right in the calendar by selecting the desired date and adding a task for that day. Or, you can set the deadline for the existing task in any way convenient for you: in the editor of the task itself, or by highlighting it in the list and assigning a date from the calendar.

Moreover, the deadline for the task can be set in any combination of the date and time of the beginning and end. For example, without a start date, but on a certain day and end time. Or, only the day of the beginning and end, without specifying the time.

And yet, you can decide what to do with the task if it expires: complete, transfer to the next day, week or month, or leave it on the list of overdue tasks.

Budget planner for Android

Plan your expenses

An important factor in achieving the goal is the financial costs of it!

In Todobit in any task, you can specify the financial costs. The goal will automatically calculate how much cost has already been realized, and how much is still to be.

Moreover, this opportunity can be used not only for planning purposes, but also used in completely different situations.
For example, creating a list of upcoming purchases or timely reminders of monthly payments.

The built-in calculator will be a nice bonus in the process of specifying expenses.

And yet, as the upcoming expenses for the task, you can specify the amount of time required. For example, a morning run is 35 minutes.


  • easy and quick addition of tasks,
  • voice input tasks,
  • convenient task binding to the goal or a specific date, depending on the active tab,
  • indication of the necessary time to solve a task or the amount of money for a planned purchase,
  • automatic calculation of the total time and amount of money to achieve the goal or complete the project,
  • group actions for tasks (long pressing on the title in the list of tasks activates this mode),
  • grouping of goals into categories with bulk actions,
  • built-in calculator when specifying the amount of money for the planned purchase,
  • widget at the phone's main screen with the tasks for today,
  • a schedule design tool for managing recurring tasks and necessary purchases,
  • status bar for today in the phone notifications section, which displays even on the locked screen,
  • works offline – no need Internet connection for database,
  • backup all data and manage these backups (restore, delete, transfer to another phone) from the app settings.
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