Scenario Run Parameters

Reference date: Jul 19, 2024

Time zone: UTC



A completely new and unique technology that we released just recently. This technology opens up tremendous opportunities in the field of goal achievement. Its essence is that you can template goals with tasks and then use these templates repeatedly, not only for personal use, but also with the ability to share them with others. For example, you periodically make promotional posts on various social networks about your company. The process is not complicated, but there is a lot to consider and not to forget (properly prepare the material, make reposts, etc., etc.). In order not to forget all these necessary actions, you can create a script with template tasks and in the next publication set this script, which will create a goal with filled tasks in your Todobit diary. That said, all published scripts are available only to you or only to those with whom you have shared your script\'s unique link. It\'s also convenient that you can assign the scenarios you create to your employees in the same way. If you want your script to be available to everyone, you can publish it in the catalog.