Scenario Run Parameters

Reference date: Jun 17, 2024

Time zone: UTC


Quick task filling

Often there are situations when it is necessary to write several things or notes in the planner, but it is not convenient to do it — there is no opportunity to be distracted by the phone for a long time (you are in motion, at negotiations, etc., etc.), moreover, you do not want to distribute notes to the necessary goals with parameters and other accompanying actions at all. For such situations, it is most convenient to use the «Default Goal/List» option and then restore order when there is time to do so. The point of this option is that all new tasks, if no goal/list is specified for them explicitly, will fall into the one where this option is set. For example, create a list named «Chaos» and set it as the «Default List». Then, when it comes to adding tasks/notes, they go to that list. And when the time comes, this list is opened and the tasks and notes are distributed to the desired goals/lists and dates by batch action.